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June 18, 2012
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NNK - Makabe Ichika by hizukin NNK - Makabe Ichika by hizukin
[EDIT 6/25] Replaced previous pic with app, finally. Was shying out due to Hizu having no confidence at all, but now HERE I GO.
Also, in case someone is free enough to want to see the previous one > [link]


For :iconningyo-no-kaigan: --yes yes, I know you must be tired seeing loads of apps I submitted. :iconlazycryplz:



Name: 真壁一花 [Makabe Ichika]

Nickname: Makabe, Ichika, Icchan, anything you want to call her, just try.

Date of Birth: August 23

Age: 16

Height: 162cm

Year: I

o Pretty things. Esp. girls
o Coffee.
o Seeing new places.
o Eroge, GL, basically anything that involves as few guys as possible.

 Guys.
 Guys.
 Did I mention guys?
 Sweet things, unexpectedly.
 Persistent people.

• Generally, Ichika is a cheerful and happy person who likes to get along with people around her… Unless they’re guys.
• When around girls [and girls only], she acts just like your usual high school student. Energetic and probably a bit too enthusiast, Ichika is the type who usually takes the initiative to talk or do things.
• When there are guys, however, she’d be all edgy and fidgety. Probably cursing them under her breath.
• Despite all these, she still knows how to respect seniors and school staffs, or older people in general. She tries to keep a good image and acts as natural possible—though who knows how long it’ll last.

The Drama of Life History:

As a child, Ichika had a pretty normal family consisted of her, her parents, and her older brothers. However, being the youngest child, she got bullied and trolled a lot by her siblings, like how they often used to wear her clothes and made them loose, using her shoes for athletics and making them all tattered up, beating a game with her saved file, taping over her video, etc. A lot of things happened till she was scarred for her life and thus making her an… Androphobic. Resigning from her school, she resumed education in an all-girls private middle school—thus secluding herself from males.

Her mother eventually got fed up seeing her only daughter like that. When Ichika was graduating from her middle school, her mother managed to persuade her to enter Tsunami Gakuen by saying “There might be a chance you’d see beautiful mermaids, and it’s a private school just aside the ocean!”. Ichika was enthralled hearing that, and she finally got there…without knowing that it’s a co-ed school.

Of course she got a bit of panic attack seeing guys enrolled the said school. Just as she was calling her mother to protest, Ichika got a call from her which was saying;

‘You’re not allowed to go home until you get a boyfriend, good luck!’, she thought while dying inside.

Additional Info:
• Default reaction when she sees a guy approaching her; “Please keep two meters of distance from me.”
• Closet otaku, nijikon, fudanchi, etc etc. Has a good amount of GL doujinshi hidden in her closet.
• Surprisingly good at sports.
• When she starts playing around with her PSP, it usually means either she doesn’t want to be bothered, or she finds the situation too awkward [hence why she does that to avoid talking]. The latter only applies when around guys.
• A bit possessive, she can get all clingy to those she considers as friends, especially girls.


THERE. Sob as I thought this was hard, I do hope I get in but THE COMPETITION. I DIED. :iconduckyrunplz:

---TOMORROW, INBOX, TOMORROW-- Dammit been going out a bit too much these days, Dad why you no let me stay at home :iconlazycryplz:
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